Vibration Fluid bed drying /cooling

We are the expert of providing the fluid bed dryer/cooler which is a vibrating fluid bed of the plug flow type.

Our fluid bed dryer with following features

–   Very intensive contact conditions between the fluidization air and the product

–   Highly efficient heat and mass transfer between the fluidization air and the product

–   Highly efficient heat transfer between the product and the heating panels

–   Highly efficient mixing conditions

–   Highly efficient de-dust function

–   Highly self-empty function

–   Drying or cooling function

–   Highly sanitary design to meet any extreme restrict hygiene standard

–   Completely CIP and dry out/sanitizing

–   Very good on agglomeration together with additional devices

–   Powder coating function

–   Wide vibration fluid bed sizes from VF0.3 - VF25



The stiffening T-bar, used internally where the plates are welded on to the Fluid Bed wall housing and externally around the housing, comply with the radius requirements of the 3A standards.



Snail Plate?

The Snail Plate ? is special developed product which does not allow products to fall through the plate perforations. The plate controls powder movement by airflow. Mirror polished plate surface meets very high hygiene standard




Vibration Fluid



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