Dense Phase Pressure/Vaccum Conveying

Product profile

Positive and negative pressure dense phase conveying equipment 

is a new advanced conveying equipment, it combined with the 

advantages of positive and negative pressure dense phase conveying,optimize the production process.

Product features
Large powder and gas mixing ratio, low transportation speed, little damage 

to the particle in the gas transportation process.

1)Low energy consumption, low gas consumption, less gas in powder, no need specially designed cyclone separator.
2)Flexible pipeline configuration, little space occupied, reduce equipment configuration, optimize process flow.
3)Transportation system completely closed, no dust flying.
4)Top mounting type filter-bag, no metal parts contact with dusty gas.
5)Manual disassembly without tools
6)Or matching metal filter.
7)Less moving parts, easy maintenance, easy to automate.
8)High transport efficiency, low packaging, handling and transportation costs.
9)Avoid transportation materials damping, fouling or mixing with other sundries, ensure transportation quality.
10)The material can be transported from multipoint to multipoint, thus remote operation has realized.
11)For chemically unstable materials, can be transferred with inert gas.
12)CIP cleaning.