APM? Air Powder Mixer

APMTM Air Powder Mixer - Patented  


APM mixer is a unique solution which provides huge benefit to our customer in all industries,




Working volume up to 60m3

Short mixing time90~1200s per batch 

High mixing accuracy, CV < 5%

Maximum ratio up to 1:3000

Flexible batch capacity, from 15% - 100% of working volume

No single moving part, Impossible for product contamination

Maintenance free, very long durable

Able to handle powder with solvent content

Design for standing high pressure

Flexible Powder infeed by gravity or pneumatic conveying

Flexible discharging to any location by pneumatic conveying or gravity

Air purging function, powder residential can be reduced to dozen grams

Automatic CIP system

Automatic dry out and sanitizing

Able to design for SIP

Comprehensive sizes available: from APM 0.5 - APM 30


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